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What Engages you? Learn the 3 C’s.

“Leadership is not the private reserve of a few charismatic men and women. It is a process ordinary people use when they are bringing forth the best from themselves and others.”  ~Kouzes and Posner~

As this quote suggests, there is incredible potential if we think of engagement as a process of bringing forth our best and fostering leadership. When we discover what personally engages us and align that with the work that needs to be done, collaborative action will flourish. If we want to improve engagement in our communities it helps to start by first understanding what personally engages us.

We can begin to uncover this with the knowledge of what calls to us, what sustains us and what makes us feel strong. The more we notice our strengths and become engaged in our own lives – the more engaging we are to others and the more open and accepting we become to seeing others for the uniqueness they bring.

Use the 3 C’s to direct your attention to what engages you.

  • Concentration: When results are focused goals, intentions and visions.
  • Calling: When you find meaning and purpose to the work. The stronger the connection or the calling a person sees between themselves and the work, the more enthusiasm and energy they will feel able to devote.
  • Confidence: When it’s easier to decide what to do – and follow through. Strengths increase confidence and commitment in decision making abilities.

As a community builder, stay curious about why people come, why they stay, and what keeps their momentum going over time. When we do this we know what we need to tap into to keep people engaged.

What would happen if you took a strengths filled approach to your community work?

Which one of the three C’s do you want to put into practice this coming week?

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