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Leadership and the 4 D’s

Leadership burnout is that energy zapping experience that often occurs when people, who are deeply committed and passionate about their work, are potentially doing too many activities that drain them.

Burn out can be rooted in emotional, mental and physical exhaustion and can result in losing interest and motivation in the issues, work or passions that were once priority.

Prevent (or reduce) burnout with four common sense leadership practices called the 4 D’s:


  1. DISCUSS succession planning from the get go of every community initiative. Have a plan.  What does the end of our working together look like? What will be in place when the work or position is ready to be turned over?

  2. DON a direction mindset and reconnect to your personal leadership mission and goals and where you are going as a group. When we stay connected to the greater picture or direction our actions are infused with greater purpose and burnout is less formidable.  

  3. DITCH or DELEGATE by really, truly delegating and ditching the things that drain you. Break projects up into manageable chunks and open the opportunity for someone else to grow. Someone else may hold the very strength and passion to do the job that drains you.

  4. DRINK in the successes and celebrate, celebrate, and celebrate! Acknowledging people cannot be under-rated on the engagement and burnout prevention scale.

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