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Meeting Transformation: Agenda Design

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Meeting Transformation: Agenda Design

Course Cost: $49.00

Build meeting agendas that elevate your work and help others feel invested in each and every meeting. You can do this time and time again by working through our key steps to design a meeting agenda that will rock the world and shake things up!  The goal is to engage, mobilize and have people coming back wanting more.

Ready to consistently achieve purpose, participation and action in your meetings?

Agenda Design is for:

  • Meeting facilitators, chairs or coordinators who are looking for fresh ideas, tools and techniques resulting in both innovative and productive meetings.
  • Movers and shakers interested in building professional meeting skills to maximize group dynamics and adult learning.
  • People sick and tired of unproductive, unclear and ho hum meetings.

**want this workshop in a face to face version?  contact us! 

What you are going to learn:

You’ll be working on an actual meeting plan (not just theory and scenarios here). We’ve blended information and practice related to planning, engagement and facilitation. You’ll design a meeting with impact and strengthen your “toolkit” of skills to apply to all your future meetings. You’ll have access to all course materials for 4 weeks. 









Your access is 4 weeks. Its up to you how to integrate this learning into your busy schedule. Tackle all 3 modules in one sitting or spread them out over the month. We estimate that each module will take 2-4 hours depending on the experience you want to create and your interest in digging below the surface.


Participants receive:

  • Organized, self-guided process that will take you through exploration AND  goal and action setting.
  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • Printables (fun and useful tools for goal setting and action planning)
  • Video lesson
  • Shareable quote collection
  • Online reading resources

After you take this course, you will have an agenda, facilitation tips, new skills and a template that you can use for future meetings! This is not a “one off” type of learning experience.

Let’s do this!

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