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Collaboration Essentials

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Collaboration Essentials

Course Cost: $199 per person

If you struggle to go beyond “networking” and seek effective collaboration, you aren’t alone! After years of supporting community development tables, we’ve developed a unique GROUP learning experience to create the conditions for intentional, informed and inspired collective action. The course, for 6 or more people committed to learning together, will offer the support, ideas and resources to improve collaborative practices.


A Group Training Program

This program requires the individual and group commitment of at least 6 team or committee members. The core learning is delivered online through video, reading and interactive resources followed by self-facilitated group activities. WE create a quality and engaging virtual environment and YOU co-create a shared understanding of collaboration that significantly influences how you work together.

**want this workshop in a face to face version?  contact us! 

How does it work?

FOUR learning modules available for a period of eight weeks. Each module has two components:

  1. Individual work done by each team member at their own convenience. This includes reading relevant resources, watching a video and completing short activities such as interviews and a partner project. The time commitment for this component is 1-3 hours/module depending on the individual’s time capacity, their commitment to the process, their learning style, and how deeply the person reflects on the materials.
  2. Group work includes two face to face meeting during the course. Your team decides on the date, time and place, we provide the meeting agenda, a facilitative guide and all the supporting materials required to be both fun and meaningful.

That’s the basics…but there is more! Chat online with Tracy & Tammy and connect with other learning teams. Receive inbox incentives with bonus material to help integrate the content into your daily practice when you have time to go further, dig deeper and learn more.

What’s Covered?

Module 1: 

Our community table struggles with improving how we work together collaboratively. The work is messy at times and we’re not sure how to maximize our impact.

  • Define collaboration and identify the elements of successful community groups.
  • Develop a common understanding about how your group is working together.
Module 2:

We are all so busy. It’s the same people coming to each meeting. People are either burnt out or over extended. Some people are disengaged and not seeing the relevance of our group.

  • Discover from multiple perspectives what motivates and strengthens engagement.
  • Uncover what everyone gives (contributes) and gets (receives) from collaboration to increase buy-in.
Module 3:

Working together is hard! We are often derailed by territory, turf, competing agendas, difficult personality mixes and a multitude of things that get in the way of accomplishing the work!

  • Shift from a problem focus to a solution focus in your collective efforts.
  • Apply systems thinking strategies to your collaboration challenges.
Module 4

It feels like we get stuck in doing the same thing over and over, without any fresh or creative solutions. Shared commitment to move forward together is what we need.

  • Activate a collective plan for growing collaborative momentum.
  • Celebrate and share your work with impact.


TIME, COST, ACCESS, COMMITMENT and RELEVANCE are common barriers to learning for many collaborative teams. Most group workshops cost an arm and a leg, and still may result in little sustained change. The unique design of Collaboration Essentials blends online individual learning AND group interaction, plus has the realities of community groups in mind.

Participants receive:

  • Access to the Ready to Raise Online Learning Space
  • 4 modules filled with videos, reading resources and printables
  • Downloadable workbooks
  • 2 Group Sessions – fully supported using agendas, facilitation guides, tips and tools required
  • An opportunity to interact with Tracy & Tammy as well as other course participants

Registration is easy!

Register individually online OR email us (info@readytoraise.community) for a GROUP INVOICE.

What previous learning groups had to say:

“A positive experience for everyone. It’s simple, not complicated, no mumbo jumbo and full of value. The content sparked great conversation and helped us get clear on where we need to go next as a group. As the facilitator, I found the group meeting guides helpful and loved the many places to extend learning for myself and others.”


“Fun. Informative. Great resources that we can continue to use.”

Solve the Struggles…

Working together doesn’t have to result in you burning out or spinning in circles!

It can actually be incredibly productive, energetic and meaningful. No matter what your community’s focus (early childhood, literacy, poverty, sustainability), applying simple and consistent techniques to HOW you work together makes your collective purpose take centre stage, rather than the group’s dynamics.

Unlike a networking event or one meeting at the beginning of the year to get on the right foot, which are all just one-offs, a consistent and intentional approach to improving collaboration has a stronger impact. Integrating group development techniques and approaches into HOW you work together regularly is the whole point of working together better! It’s simple (but we admit, not always easy!).

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