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Plan Your Next Meeting With Us!

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Plan Your Next Meeting With Us!

Course Cost: $475.00

Do you have a meeting, presentation or event coming up that could use some savvy planning, an infusion of creativity and a structure that is result-focused?

Coalition and committee work can be an incredible asset – it is in these meetings that relationships take shape and social change becomes a focal point. We believe that you can turn a meeting into a movement.

Plan a Meeting with a Bonus.

Plan a Meeting is one of our favourite ways of working with people. We help you directly to design a meeting or event that will elevate your results.  PLUS! You’ll get free access to our Agenda Design e-course.

We created this service in response to requests from people like you…

“We want to move from talk to action but need a process to help us do that.”

“Some voices are dominating in our meetings, how can we ensure every voice in the room is heard, engaged and valued?”

“Everyone is tired of meetings that don’t accomplish anything – we have the same conversations over and over. How can we get unstuck?”

“We struggle with consensus and making decisions that people are committed to… what can we do differently at our next meeting?”

“We want to be innovative but it’s scary to suggest changing our meeting structure. We are pretty traditional. How can I suggest changes that will increase creativity in a way that works for our group?”

“I’m an experienced facilitator/community builder…but there is this special event or opportunity coming up and I want fresh ideas and new group activities to make sure it is amazing.”

“We have great wisdom and valid research to guide us, but we want some direction on how to use the data in our work to make a bigger difference.”

If any of these scenarios sound familiar – we’ve got you covered!


How does it work?

STEP ONE: Initially we connect with you by phone to discover clarity about your goals and intentions for the meeting. This is a time to unearth any uncertainties or group dynamics that might be at play.

STEP TWO: From there, Tracy and Tammy work offline to design an inspired meeting process and all the materials you’ll need specifically for you.

STEP THREE: We connect with you again by phone to fine tune the process and to ensure it meets your exact needs.


What you get in the end is peace of mind that you have a solid process AND a detailed facilitator agenda full of instructions and tips that will help you turn your meetings into a movement!

Plus we will make sure that you feel comfortable and confident making it happen.

Our goal is to build local capacity so that meetings are led with strong design and effective group processes to achieve impact. Coalition and committee work can be an incredible asset – it is in these meetings that relationships take shape and social change becomes a focal point.

Outcomes we’ve achieved with past clients:

  • Full facilitator agendas full of instructions and tips
  • Presentations for stakeholder groups
  • Tool design for evaluation and knowledge translation
  • Strategies for meetings to deal with difficult group dynamics
  • Increased participation and engagement
  • New, positive energy around the table

Reach out and we will happily help you design and plan your next meeting so that it is a meaningful and effective experience. Oh, and did we mention that the process will also save you time and stress?!

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