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Plan Your Next Meeting With Us!

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Plan Your Next Meeting With Us!

Our goal is to build the capacity of Community Builders to design and lead group processes with impact. Coalition and committee work can an incredible asset – it is in these meetings that relationships take shape and social change becomes a focal point. We believe that you can turn a meeting into a movement.

Got a meeting in the works that you want to spice up?

Have a group dynamic that is causing your meetings to go south?

Can’t figure out how to achieve the results you’re looking for?

Tired of the same old meeting about the same old topic?

Want to customize activities and resources from one of our toolkits, workshops or courses?

We can help!

Meeting Design

Connect with us and let’s discuss what your meeting design need is. We’ll research and create the right MEETING DESIGN materials for your unique situation. If we don’t have an existing toolkit that matches what you need, we can work with you to plan the meeting from scratch. 

Here are some of the outcomes we’ve achieved with past clients:

  • Full facilitator agendas full of instructions and tips
  • Presentations for stakeholder groups
  • Tool design for evaluation and knowledge translation
  • Strategies for meetings to deal with difficult group dynamics
  • Increased participation and engagement
  • New, positive energy around the table




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