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Multi-Course Bundle

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Multi-Course Bundle

Course Cost: $65.00

Register for both of our e-courses together and save over 30%!

Plus we’ll extend your course access to give you more flexibility to learn at a gentle pace.

The Details

How long?

Instead of a limit of 4 weeks – we’ll give you 3 months of flexibility as you dive deeply into TWO COURSES:  Do Your Best Work and Agenda Design.

Both training courses are self-directed. There are 3 “modules” in each course that include dynamic learning opportunities such as videos, reading, workbooks, action challenges and lots of reflection. The courses are designed to be flexible. Our estimation is that with some meaningful thought given to the activities, each lesson will take no longer than a couple of hours. More if you dive deeply on your own and/or engage in any online interaction – and less time if you skim the surface and pull out key highlights only.

How much?

Save over 30% with both courses.

What content is included?

Do Your Best Work

  • Explore strengths & skills that ignite community building and focus leadership.
  • Avoid the common professional pitfalls for community builders.
  • Develop action steps that will set you up for maximized leadership.


Agenda Design

Design a stellar agenda time and time again by working through our key steps to design a meeting agenda that will rock the world and shake things up! After you take this course, you will have an agenda, facilitation tips, new skills and a template that you can use for future meetings!







“The beautiful think about learning is that nobody can take it away from you.” ~ BB King

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